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  • Kathy Talkington, Advocate for women, Spencer, IN

    I just ordered cards to give to women in abusive situations who have little or no resources. We live in a very rural area and our unemployment stats are high - we have little industry. Women and their children are isolated and restricted; We do have a rural health care clinic, but if a patient gets a prescription that costs $50 or $200, they can't follow through with proper treatment. I am so anxious to extend this program to people in need in our county! Thank you.

  • Mark Penn, Anchorage, AK

    Thank you, your card saved me 80% off of a Rx, and 50% off another..!! Spending about $40 is a lot better than spending nearly $200! Thanks so much!!

  • Sally Smalls, Pheonix, Az

    This is awesome an awesome program, straight from the horse\'s mouth this really works. You are on the inside, helping people on the outside. Your new fan!

  • Sarena Ebel, North Dakota

    Good afternoon Jeremy, I just wanted to write you a brief little note on how the recovery health cards are working at the prison. I was able to pass out the cards to numerous staff who assist with discharge planning. Staff appeared incredibly excited about the cards and their benefits. I had several inmate requests cards as well and it was fun to see their eyes light up when I explained the process as well as the benefits of using the card/information.

  • Erik, Fern, Park, FL

    I was amazed at the discount that this program offers, being that I am very low on income, I can't afford medication, or insurance. With this card, I got a Rx that cost retail $154 for only $24, this was done at Walgreens, which I was surprised as this medication is not even published in Medication Pricing. Also using the Pharmacy locator I found the same Rx Walgreens issued me for $46 to be under $19 at a pharmacy across the street!

  • Andy Fracica, United States

    I went in for a flu shot yesterday. The price of the shot was $25.00 but with the Recovery Health Network card, I only paid $17.21 a 31% savings

  • Sara Wallace

    I am so thrilled at the amount of money I saved using your card. My medicine usually costs about $80.00 every month. But with your card, I saved over $50.00 and only paid $26.00 for my prescription. Thank you very much! I will use your card again."

  • Hedda Westlake, Arizona Dept. of Corrections

    We distributed them to offenders being released from prison. AHCCCS is no longer accepting felons released from prison and it is imperative for them to get some medical assistance with cost for medications including psychiatric medication. Your company came to the rescue and took up the slack from the state. Thank you so much.

  •  Evan

    I am unemployed and did not qualify for medical coverage once my COBRA expired! I'm too young (57) to get Medicare (and obviously too old to get a job), so I was very pleased when out of the blue I received your prescription card. My Premarin, which cost $22 per month under Blue Cross, is now $50.92 (no reason!!). I was able to use the card and the prescription cost me $43.44 (still outrageous, but better than $51!). Thank you."

  • Cherie, nebraska

    never knew there was such an easy way to save money on my perscripion drugs! Thanks recovery health network!

  • Tom Erhardt, North Dakota

    “Inmates at the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation receive a Recovery Health Network card along with their prescription and/or medication supply upon discharge from prison. We feel this program is very beneficial to the people being released from prison to help them maintain their health in a cost-effective manner.” Val Sturlaugson, R.Ph. – DOCR Pharmacist Tom Erhardt – Deputy Director of Transitional Planning

  • Rachel, North Carolina

    Thanks so much, I am hoping this card will be able to save my husband and I some money on our prescriptions...can't wait to get the card and use it...

  • Tom

    Thank you for the prescription card. I used it for the first time today and it saved me almost $15.00 on my blood pressure pills

  • Eric Johnson

    I had to go on disability. Can't afford to get insurance, so I was doing without some of my medication. I saw your card in a flier, I got in the mail, couldn't believe it. I called for one of my prescriptions and really saved. Thank you for caring, you saved me from not having the prescriptions I needed. Thank you. You’re a life saver to many. Gratefully,

  • Hedda P.,Westlake, Prescott, AZ

    With resources lessening each day, these cards have been a life saver in helping people get their medication. Times are tough and the cost of everything is on the rise. We have had people consider not taking their medicine in order to feed themselves and their families. This card has reduced the finanacial burden on folks so they do not have to make a tough decision like that. The people at Recovery Health Network have been amazing and gracious with helping our cause. Keep up the great work! Thank you for your continued support.

  • K.Ashley Merritt, Catholic Charities, Prescott AZ

    Thank you very much for sending us the cards and brochures I will be handing them out to all the Catholic Charities in our area as well as all the programs inside Catholic Charities so we can all share this with all of our clients. Thank you again and I will keep you updated to how your card goes over in our area.

  • Sharon Yahke, Northern Correctional Facility, WV

    I gave these cards to inmates being released from custody. They are intended to help them be able to afford the medication they need. It is just one more way to try and help them get back on their feet and hopefully not come back to prison.

  • Bill Folino, Tampa Fl

    The access and pricing are excellent. Thanks to Largo Goodwill Center through DOC this will help many people and their families. Please advise if any medical diagnostic testing is available at similar discounts.

  • Alverda McCoy, Portland, Oregon

    I was so happy to hear about Recovery Health Network so many folks are suffering with high cost of medications and need help. Thanks for the offer now the population I work with will be able to afford medications.

  • Samantha Sin-Clair, Pensacola, Florida

    Hello To Everyone considering this card! I have to tell ya'all, it's been a life saver for me. I am disabled and live on a very limited income. This program was introduced to me by my son, who unfortunantly is in prison for now. He completed a drug and alcohol class and was given several of the rx cards to give away to family and friends. I have used this program for a few months now, it has saved me so much money As well, I had enough to pass out to my friends who needed some help paying for their meds as well. I think this is a wonderfull program and will continue to use it, as well as to help my firiends out along the way. This has been a blessing to me, as I know it will be for all who use it. Thank you for creating this much needed prgram~ Samantha Sin-Clair.

  • Michelle Harris

    I will be forever thankful to your company for allowing me to continue the medicines I need in order to live my life somewhat comfortably. Without your prescription cost relief I would have had to live a most painful exsistence. On a lighter note, I forgot to give the pharmacist my savings card before he filled my rx. His eyes practically popped out of his head when his computer calculated the new prices. He also was extremely happy to be able to pass your savings on to me! Thank you again!

  • Matt Jacobs

    I think that the Recovery Health Network CARD is awesome it has saved me at least 200.00 so far. Thank you so much for this much needed break.

  • Florida Department of Corrections, Tallahassee, FL

    The partnership between the Florida Department of Corrections and Recovery Health Network has allowed our agency to provide a critical reentry resource to our inmates and offenders at no cost to the Department. We look forward to a continued partnership with Recovery Health Network and the services they provide.

  • Janette Cortes, Social Director Salvation Army, Long Beach, CA

    We always welcome any agency that is focused on helping the members of the communities that we serve. We have found that your cards have been popular at our sites. As you know, we just recently placed an order to receive more. Now that our sites are familiar with your card and know that you print in different languages, we will continue to order from your agency. It\'s very important that we give our clients resources in their own language so they can understand the information and get the most out of the discount card. Thanks again for all that you do to help those in need.

  • Margie Lopez, Santa Maria. CA

    Hi Iwant to thank the recovery health network for this opportubity to help those in need. Unfortunately ther are alot of disadvantaged individuals that have no insurance or jobs to pay for the high cost of meds. The network is a wonderful opportubity for my cleints as well as others without employment to be able to purchase their meds at a lower cost.Thank you again, Margie Lopez

  • Anonymous

    I took the card to my pharmacy just for giggles to see if it would work. I saved over $50 each on two different prescriptions. Can you please send me 25 additional cards for my friends and family who need help saving on their prescriptions? I have people asking me to use my card until I get some more cards

  • Michael Smead, ohio

    I was very happily surprised at the results I have gotten with this card. I recommend it highly, and outperformed several other local programs

  • Antonio Torres, Milwaukee, WI

    I have 2 co-workers and our employer does not offer insurance so when my friend told me how much he saves on his prescriptions I thought great I will at least try and see if I can as well and it was crazy how much a saved. Whats the catch? For free?

  • Chanel Reeves

    you made my day… As skeptical as I was…your program saved me over $70.00 just today, the very first time I used it!

  •  Wendy Marks, Omaha, NE

    I remembered you had told me about the prescription discount card, which is FREE!!! I was skeptical at first. But when my mother fell into the medicare donut hole I decided to check it out. One of Mom's prescriptions cost her over $400 out of pocket for a 30 day supply! I was frustrated because she had to go without some of her meds, so I checked your card's website and discovered that by using this card at a national chain pharmacy my mother only had to pay $52.73 for the SAME prescription medication!!!! I truly appreciate the benefits of this card! Thank you for sharing it with me, I am so grateful that my mother can now afford her medications. May God bless you and yours!

  • Roberta Calkins, work

    This program has been a blessing to me! Twice I've needed medications that I could not have gotten without rhs. Thanks you so much!

  • Becky, Ohio, Department of Correction

    Your organization is wonderful! Not only are you helping the DOC, but my bf is an ex-addict and he is how I heard of you. He has benefited from your program and we both thank you all tremendously! Take care and God bless!

  • Mary Jo Pleuss, Drug Abuse Correctional Center

    The Recovery Health Network cards are given to inmates leaving the prison system and returning to their communities. The cardsallow the inmates to maintain services they need.  

  • Janis Darley, Darley Law Firm

    The discounts are amazing! We have used them and tell

    everyone to try them.

  • Kim Pilote, Corizon Health

    This is a great resource for inmates that are leaving

    prison and re-entering into the community. Thank you!


  • Barbara Whittake, Harris County Prison

    The cards are beneficial to the inmates at time of their release to ease the Re-Entry process and the burden of extra costs affiliated with receiving medication for ex offenders. Thank you for reaching out to us and including us in your wonderful service.

    We are looking forward to a continued partnership with Recovery Health Network.






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